Probably walking on a mountain …

Jason Kottke has been distilling his brain into for twenty years; what would that look like printed out?

On Margins episode 005 is up, featuring Jason Kottke, the creator of now 20 year old You can listen to the episode or read the full transcript here:

Small tweaks to incentivize engaging with a book’s content.

I’ve been using Kindles on and off ever since they launched. Our relationship has been contentious but I’ve always been seduced or re-seduced by their potential. At their best, they are beautiful devices. At their worst, infuriating. They are always so close to being better than they are.

Initially they…

On the making “Koya Bound”: A book of photographs from the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage walk in Japan

When making a book, I find it’s useful to walk on the book. To peek over it and look for patterns, shuffle pages, grouping and ungrouping the loose sheets. Walls work too — a book can be made on a wall. But floors are easier. …

“On Margins,” or, if you prefer, “OMG Nairns!”

Talking about making books with good people who make great books

It’s probably unnecessary, and I don’t know what I’m doing, but here’s a new podcast for you.¹

As I say in Episode 001:

I’ve been working on and with books for over 15 years; as a designer, a publisher, a producer, and an author, and what I’ve realized over time…

The feedback loop between our work and the objects around us

When Robert Frank finally sat down to divine his seminal photography book, The Americans, he had to sift through more than 28,000 images.

In Frank’s vast collection were snapshots of an America that had rarely before been caught on film: snaps of Manhattan cowboys sitting atop garbage cans, snaps of…

Three tips for making the touch bar a little less painful

I didn’t want the touch bar, but there it is, glowing above my keyboard. The only way to get the fastest MacBook Pro, with the biggest harddrive, and the most ports is to also get the touch bar. So let’s learn to live with it.

It’s fascinating that Apple has…

A calendar can only be drawn next to a freshly made macchiato

Tips for mapping your life

Sometime in the fall of last year I began to draw my calendar.

My weeks were packed with a series of interlocking jobs and I couldn’t keep them straight. Tiny calendars on my computer weren’t cutting it. I needed something tangible — I needed a calendar-as-artifact.

The drawn calendar is…

Craig Mod

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