“Koya Bound” in production in Saitama, Japan

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A walk in the woods with Craig Mod

Craig Mod
7 min readJun 7, 2018


The latest episode of On Margins is up: A walk in the woods with … me. During my solo Kumano Kodo walk in April of this year (2018), I recorded a few things including the intro to On Margins 004 (Elena Favilli) and this episode, 006:

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Episode 006 is an experiment in capturing the walk and talk — I recorded it as I was walking down the Kohechi route from Koyasan to Hongu. Although I discuss the nitty gritty economics and production details of my book Koya Bound, I also get into light-touch philosophical territory around the power of objects:

Why make an object? Why print something out? Something irked me about those other walks [that I had done with various people over the past five years]: You do a walk. You have an experience, and then it disappears. How do you give edges to something that fundamentally doesn’t have an edge, that doesn’t have a container around it?

All you can do — the best you can do — is