Thanks for this response, DJB. And yes — the 10 hours of CoC image is unsettling to me, too. It’s why I wanted to include it, and be honest about it.

To be clear: that day was an self-selected aberration (“OK, let’s just get to this level and then be done”). And in my head it was partially justified in the name of research followup. The average over those months was maybe fifteen to thirty minutes a day. Hopefully a more reasonable image.

One of the many wonderful aspects of residency life is communality / baked in social interaction. You can go deep into your work precisely because you know that other good, hardworking folk, are doing the same. And that at dinner time you will come together and share your stories. Everyone is making and sharing soup.

People sometimes ask why I don’t just stay home and do what I’d do at a residency. It’s easy to answer: Because I can’t.

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Probably walking on a mountain …

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